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The caniuse browser scores are tallies of all features tracked on caniuse (excluding those marked as "unofficial").The fully opaque part represents supported features, the semi-transparent part represents partial support.In the example above, we load both French and Italian translations, and use Italian.

They are shipped in English by default, but many other languages are available, thanks to the awesome international Parsley community. To load a different locale and its messages, include them after Parsley: The last loaded file will automatically set the messages locale for Parsley.

Follow the feed if you'd like keep up with all the changes made.

It helps you provide your users with feedback on their form submission before sending it to your server.

Adding features takes quite some time and there are many requests for additions.

Because of this I use Git Hub issues to manage requests. If you've done the research yourself already, you can also submit a feature on Git Hub.

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