Sri lanka dating customs

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Hinduism preaches to love the soul of an individual.

Nowhere does it say anything about loving a certain caste, creed or race.

Those who vehemently oppose interracial relationships cite the seeming “corrupt morals” of other groups, and how Tamils should be held to a higher standard of behaviour.

Yet we must realize that we are not morally superior to any other ethnic group.

As well, I also know plenty of “pure” Tamils who are also diploma-holders and even a few high school dropouts.

The point is that one’s race is irrelevant to their education level.

Because of these customs, local Sinhalese society is highly fragmented, not only at the level of ethnic group or caste, but also at the level of the kindred.

If the teachings of the Holy books do not preach only loving someone with a certain skin colour, then why do we sanction the belief that it is wrong to love someone from another race?

Holding a preference towards a partner from our own race is our prerogative; that does not give us the right to judge or condemn others who may choose to be with someone who is culturally or ethnically different.

One commenter asks “what language will a child born of a Tamil mother and Caucasian father speak” and goes on to say, quite ignorantly, that children born to mixed parents are merely “diploma holders”.

Yet not only do I know children from mixed backgrounds who speak their mother tongue fluently, I personally know individuals who are highly educated with their Master’s and Law degrees.

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If we choose to view it through tunnel vision, then we come up with every single justification to condemn and discredit the value of that relationship.

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