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Speed dating aberdeen albyn

The hospital endured around 8 deaths per week, however most of the other hospitals in Salonika were reporting huge causalities.In August the fighting began as the Serbian and French began pushing the Bulgarians back.In 1916 Evelyn as a nurse joins the Scottish Women’s Hospitals at Royaumont abbey, near Paris, France.War had broken the tranquil and peaceful ambiance of the 13th century cistercian abbey.Agnes served at the hospital between November 1915-May 1916 and again in the autumn of 1916. Date of Bith: 1891Place of Birth: Kent, England Born in Belvedere, Kent.Ruby was raised by her parents, James and Martha Abbott.Royaumont Abbey north of Paris, France became during WW1 an all women hospital run by the Scottish Women’s Hospitals and by the end of the war had saved and aided thousands of lives.The women who served and devoted a slice of their life, helping mainly the French soldiers are remembered by plaques on the walls and in the grounds of the Abbey.

On arrival the staff found that the buildings were in a deplorable condition.Evelyn left the unit in July 1916 and returned home. Date of Bith: 1890Place of Birth: New Jersey, America According to US Census returns of 19 for NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, Ailsa was born in New York in 1890.She was the daughter of Scottish parents, James and Sarah.Without question their most testing time came in July 1916.For anyone connected with the Battle of the Somme these were horrendous, dangerous and difficult days.

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Agnes joined the Scottish Women’s Hospitals as Doctor and Bacteriologist.

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