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We're talking seriously high-quality woods, hardware, and especially craftsmanship, for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. S., the Brits are really hot for these guitars because they're so cheap and yet, so good.

Originally posted by Lame Thrower Someone slap me if I'm wrong, but someone I trust told me...

Someone slap me if I'm wrong, but someone I trust told me...

they are the flagship line and built as solid with good woods as the gibsons. Since Its a pawn shop,be sure to offer 200.00 first because they may take it or lower the price, depending on how long its been there.

that is how Sammick is avoiding a lawsuit with gibson, that is how It is so close to the real thing.

Those Epiphones you were playing are probably made in the same factory as the Samick. if you can get a guitar that you think compares to a Gibson LP for 0 or less, snap that shit up! Samick is the largest manufacturer of guitar parts and a lot of the other guitar shops use their parts, even in their top of the line stuff. As far as their high end, many of them are very good, but be sure to only buy one that you can try out because there is some inconsistency in the parts.

I really liked the neck, but the body as a little too heavy for my tastes.

It had some nice machine heads and the price was 0.

Bay ..item=851963234 There's a good reason that there's 8 bids on this guitar and the top bid is over a thousand bucks. I could not get ANY information other than the serial number (which, according to Samick, is useless as far as identification is concerned).It has a finish crack and a couple dents, but it's in good condition. What you see here is the result of my own research and I am certain that there are people who will be able to add to what I have found so far.I was in a music store this past weekend and looking at humbucker guitars (i play fenders but i have some tunes that call for humbucking tones) the les pauls are way out of my ballpark..i played a few to kind of get the feel so I could compare the cheaper guitars. That sounds like a decent price to me, but, i know nothing about samick guitars. Almost all of the guitar manufacturers mid to low end models are made by Samick in Korea.

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