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Assuming you’re not going to be engaging in PDA* at the party, it’s possible that a lot of people won’t even realize that you’re there together. We’ve actually moved in together.” * Of course, it’s possible that they might see other signs — not PDA stuff, but like your hand on his back or something else minor but that you wouldn’t normally do with a coworker.

It’s one thing for people to talk about work in confidence with a spouse, but your interviewer probably has no idea that his wife is blabbing about it to other people.

It’s not a secret that we’re together, but it’s possible that many people in the office don’t know 1) we’re dating or 2) that he’s not with his previous partner anymore.

I doubt anything we can do could stop people from talking.

This morning a coworker of mine let slip that at her bookclub on Friday, the interviewer’s wife had shared with her that I applied and interviewed for the job but did not get the position.

She said “I probably shouldn’t say…” and then proceeded to tell my coworker my entire history of applying and interviewing with this company.

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That’s how a lot of people figure out coworkers are dating.

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