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Once the temple premises are crossed an open passage with the sky spreading its arms over the horizon comes into sight with visible traces of makalidurga fort on top of the hill to the right.Keep walking towards the endless horizon till you jump over a small stream of water which is prevalent during monsoons.The lake and horizon of the endless sky can be seen from the left corner just behind the temple.To reach the Eastern Side of the hill there is a small trail in between the huge plantation from the temple.A pair of shoe with good traction and water proof body is an ideal match.Ensure that the shoes are not old or new, get used to the shoe if it is new, as a rule you should be comfortable to walk in difficult terrain for 6 hours at least.The fort premises is surrounded by the walls and gates which depict the the history behind it.

An old parallel path through which to be a railway track also goes towards the Makalidurga Hill by taking a sharp left turn at the temple which is almost 3km away from the Makalidurga Railway Station.

Makalidurga Hill is 60 km to the outskirts of Bangalore.

A height 4430ft and being only 10 Kms ahead of Doddaballapura makes it a perfect weekend trekking destination.

Watch out for the double arrows on the huge piece of rock from where a left turn will guide the way towards the fort.

The dense grassland on the sides of the trail can grow huge and can hide the whole trail.

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It is a beautiful hill surrounded by a lake on the west which looks like the South American continent.