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Templates include dynamic categories, so any sellers updating their shop categories will see their listings update automatically....

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Hinweis zu den hier beworbenen Studienangeboten Studis Online bietet den Hochschulen die Möglichkeit, ihre Studienfächer gegen ein Entgelt mit ausführlicheren Informationen als den von uns recherchierten Basisinformationen vorzustellen....

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Nogle bliver købt og videresolgt mange gange af forskellige mellemmænd, eller, når de har været et sted et stykke tid, solgt videre til et andet land....

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Separate parts: “Samuel Johnson's Four Great Themes,” “Samuel Johnson: The Dark Years”; “Johnson, Psychology & English Prose Style”; “Samuel Johnson: The Final Years”; “Boswell.” Not seen. Publisher's blurb: “This new edition collates and corrects the textual inaccuracies of previous versions, returning to the original manuscript in order to present a definitive edition of this landmark text.” Not seen.“While Johnson may have been linked arm-in-arm with Boswell on the road, he was really ‘strolling’ with Pennant in his writing. Allusion, as contended in this monograph, is indeed an integral part of the formal artistry and intellectual depth of the Journey, thus contributing to making Johnson's Scottish travelogue what it is — a major exponent of Travel Literature.” Not seen.“In a talk of this kind, the usual gambit would be to say that Rousseau and Johnson may look different superficially, but deep down they turn out to be alike. They're 180 degrees apart on pretty much everything.” (Somerville, N. Also includes appearances by a roguish group of poets, including Coleridge (Jim Sweeney), Shelley (Lee Cornes), and Byron (Steve Steen). James Andrew Mc Ward, “Factual Ambiguity: Boswell and the Development of the Individual Life,” chapter 4 of “Writing and Reading the Individual: The Development of Personal Narrative in the Works of Defoe, Richardson, and Boswell,” [Author's abstract:] In his biographical preface on Pope, Samuel Johnson attempts to distinguish between “man” and “writer”; but the distinction was one that Pope had preemptively blurred, in both what and how he published. Plasha, “The Social Construction of Melancholia in the Eighteenth Century: Medical and Religious Approaches to the Life and Work of Samuel Johnson and John Wesley,” M. Thesis, Faculty of Modern History, University of Oxford, 1993. Erdmans, 1996): chapter 2 (“Johnson Reading Literature, Johnson Reading the Canon of Scripture: The Difference between Literary Pleasure and Religious Happiness”), pp. Theresa Anne Sorel, “Boswell and Johnson's Highland Tour,” chapter 3 of “Scottish Cultural Nationalism, 1760–1832: The Highlandization of Scottish National Identity,” M. ...

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Created by the Institute of Historical Research and the History of Parliament Trust, we aim to support academic and personal users around the world in their learning, teaching and research....

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