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"I didn't like it at first until I went in the club," said M. Since making waves in 2004 with “No Problems,” Lil Scrappy has actually run into several “problems” in both his personal and professional life.The second single from the album was called “No love” featuring Tocarra which gained over a 100,000 views on You Tube.His second Independent album “Prince of South 2” released in October 2010.You and Diamond tend to shy away from the cameras; what do you hate about the paparazzi? You will hear that shit it my flow ’cause that’s all I know… Lil Scrappy: My whole thing is people take up too much of your privacy. Lil Scrappy: I signed with Jon; I come out 2004 on a compilation album with Trillville, which went platinum.

After Lil Scrappy left BME Records, he later signed with Atlanta rapper Ludacris’s Disturbing The Peace Records, which was a short lived relationship.XXLMag.com: How’d you end up moving from 50 and your Warner Bros. So I was just sitting over there for two or three years after that album came out.I end up bumping paths with [Luda’s manager] Chaka Zulu and he was like, “I know you’re fan base, I know how you get down.” I’m used to hearing that shit so I was like, “Oh alright, whatever, that’s cool.” I was ready to walk up out of there then they start talking paperwork, and I was like, “That’s what’s happening! Lil Scrappy: I got a song called “I’m Coming;” it gives you the whole rundown from when I first came out to [working with] Luda.I tell my stories in my rap; that’s how I get my pain across ’cause people don’t know what’s going on everyday with me. Born Daryl Kevin Richardson II to the star of VH1’s reality TV show Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Momma Dee in Atlanta, Georgia. He made his debut album “Bred 2 live, Born 2 Die” in 2006 with 50 Cent. He, along with Trillville was discovered by producer Lil Jon while performing at a bar in Atlanta and was one of the first acts signed to his Black Market Entertainment Recordings.

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Now, Scrappy is signed to S-Line Records which is founded by Kevin Clark.

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