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You must: be shallow; think I am a fake; just be after a legover Or- I only have 1 picture of myself; I don't know how to upload pictures and someone else loaded that one for me*sigh*So now I usually don't bother***@OP I'd assume that it's someone taking the piss...

To my way of thinking they are a) horrendously ugly and it's the only way they can get anyone to send them a message, orb) they have naked/sexy pics, and don't want neighbours or workmates to see them If you have a pic, then show it for all to see. Pretty Mariama Drammeh a.k.a Gambian Lioness was Miss West Africa-Germany 2011.She is a 22-year-old with experience in runway, modeling and music.In this interview, she tells us more about herself and her modeling career: What’s On-Gambia: Please introduce yourself. Mariama: I'm Mariama Drammeh, 22 years old and a student, beauty queen and model in Cologne, Germany.My passions are gaining new life experiences, dancing, traveling, photo-shoots and staying active.

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